After buying a property the next most expensive item consumers are likely to purchase in their lifetime is a vehicle. Due to the extremely high costs of production, car brands worldwide have a great need to find out what their customers, and prospective customers, think about their products. GW Fieldwork understand these needs and using innovative methods of recruitment and management can ensure you get the right feedback from the right people. After all, we are Automotive fieldwork specialists!

A new car showing that we specialise in Automotive fieldwork
Showing methods we use to find people
Cogs turned by experience

With over 18 years experience in this sector we know how to successfully manage all types of Automotive project. From large scale Car Clinics to Drive Tests, Focus Groups and Depths to Mystery Shopping, Ethnos to Dealership Visits, we've done it all.

As we know all too well no two projects are the same. Over the years we've adopted various methods of recruitment ranging from the traditional to newer, more innovative methods. To put it simply, each project will be looked at from all angles to ensure a successful end result.

Whether you simply need recruitment services or a full scale project set-up including venues, moderation, incentives, on-site staff, reporting etc we can do all of this and more. Leaving you stress free and confident in delivering a quality project to your clients.


Using an experienced and trusted network of fieldworkers built up over the years we can call upon specialist automotive supervisors and recruiters in all major Cities in the UK.

Car Owners Database

We have access to a database of over 50,000 new car owners in London alone (and many more UK wide) which contains detailed ownership information such as make, model and year of registration.

The Street Team

We have our own 'street team' which is made up of confident, hard working members who travel up and down the country to search for those hard to reach car owners. Shopping centres, golf clubs, residential roads... the street team leave no stone unturned.

Over the years we've worked with ad agencies, consultancies, designers and research houses as well as directly with manufacturers. We've covered just about every car segment you can think of including SUVs to Saloons, Electric Vehicles to Estates and Hatchbacks to Luxury Vehicles.


In addition we've worked either directly or indirectly with major car brands from Germany, France, Italy, Czech Republic, Korea, Japan, UK and USA.


Not only do we cover automotive fieldwork in the UK but using carefully selected partners we can also cover fieldwork internationally too. Additionally, If you need UK respondents for a project abroad, not a problem! We've expertly handled fly-out car clinics for years and know exactly how to source participants for these events.